Do You Need Saltbox Shed Plans?

A saltbox structure is a great looking building, and can be a beautiful feature for your backyard. I will show you how to get saltbox shed plans later on in this article, but first let me explain what a saltbox type shed is before you go ahead and get the designs for the shed.

If you are looking for a stylish and functional shed, then a saltbox type structure is for you. A saltbox type shed is a unique structure, with a unique roof design which gives ample space for storage. The reason for this is that the front of the 2 story sheds has two stories, while sloping back to a single story level. You will notice that this type of roof structure is different to the normal shed as the saltbox shed roof is sharply angled in the front and has a long increasing slope at the back.

The saltbox shed gets its name from the New England colonial structures. These types of sheds add warmth to your backyard, while giving you extra space than a normal shed.

The roof structure will need some complex and odd cuts, and you will struggle to figures this out on your own. A good idea is to get a good set of saltbox shed plans. If you have a good set of blueprints, it will make the job much easier, and you can get the cuts done correctly. You don’t want to increase your costs due to miscalculations when measuring and cutting, so make sure you get yourself a good set of saltbox shed blueprints.

The advantage of having a good set of plans is that you won’t have to frequent your local DIY store because you will receive a full list of materials you will need for the building of the shed. You don’t want to end up with your wife wanting to murder you because the shed looks like it’s about to fall down just after you have built it, so get your hands on a good set of plans before it is too late.

The saltbox shed is used for storing big equipment like, snowmobiles, lawn tractors, etc. The reason you can store bigger equipment is that you can put double doors on the front of the shed. You will be able to build this type of shed yourself, without hiring specialist builders or planners, as long as you take the necessary steps in planning the shed. Make sure you have a good set of saltbox shed plans as well.



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