Tips On Selecting A Swimming Pool Construction Team

Selecting a swimming pool construction team is going to be a major decision if you are thinking about having a swimming pool built. Your swimming pool is going to be a major investment to your Property and Lifestyle so having the right team is vitally important to the quality of your finished product.

Here are some tips on selecting a swimming pool construction team.

Project Management:

Most States require a Permit Application be approved before building commences. A good swimming pool contractor the villages construction team will deal with the entire application process on your behalf. This will save you on time, money and the stress involved.

Site Survey:

Your team should provide a site survey of your Property and advise you of the benefits and setbacks of your proposed pool location. They should also advise you of the best location, size and design that will suit your Property, Neighbourhood and pool use.

Satisfied Clients:

Your team should be experienced and have a portfolio of completed projects that you can check. They should have been in the swimming pool construction industry for many years with satisfied clients that you could speak with.

Time Frame:

Ensure you are given a time frame for the completion of the project. When doing your due diligence with previous clients, you can ask them about the reliability of the team and their compliance with agreed time frames.

Pool Designs and Materials:

Your swimming pool construction team should have a selection of pool designs you can choose from or have the ability to design a custom pool to suit you.

There are also a wide variety of materials used to build the pool as well as the finishing. Ask advice on the best materials that suit your location, property and budget. You should also ask for the benefits of the design and materials recommended by the team.


Ensure that you are provided with a strong guarantee and a remedial process in the event you are not satisfied with the finished product or service.

Customer Service:

What is the team’s customer service like? Are they the type of people that you can trust and work with? Ask lots of questions to satisfy yourself their customer service is to your expectation.

After Sales Service:

What after sales service will your swimming pool construction team provide? Will they provide the pool servicing and the equipment that you will need? Ask them what service they provide once the project has been completed.


All costs need to be disclosed in the discussion process. Make sure there are no hidden costs or surprises. Also make sure you discuss the payment terms throughout the project.


The most important document in the swimming pool construction process is to have a comprehensive contract. Read the contract in full and question anything you are not sure of, negotiate any terms that you are not happy with. Remember, you are the client and you need to be satisfied with every clause in the contract.

Due Diligence:

Your pool is going to be one of the most expensive investments you make to improve your Property and Lifestyle. Make sure you do your due diligence and necessary inquiries before making a final decision who to work with.

There should not be any hidden surprises at any point during the construction process.

What makes your swimming Pool construction team better than others? What is their Unique Selling Proposition? Why should you do business with them rather than any other team? The answers will help make your final decision.

So make sure you take your time in doing your due diligence and get as much information as you can. Be completely satisfied before deciding on who you will work with. In such a big project, doing all your inquiry work at the beginning will save you time, money and frustration that may arise during and after the construction process.



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